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The Seam Allowance Guide save loads of time!


If you love Japanese pattern books, creating your own patterns or copying patterns from clothes you already own but hate adding the seam allowance in, then this little gadget is what you need!

No longer do you have to measure and trace around each individual piece, the Seam Allowance Guide will do that for you while you cut out your fabric.

Australian owned & designed by Hollie, this pack comes with 2 tools.

Some scissors blades have a slight slope on the outer edge. This is about 3 degrees. If your scissor blade is sloping put the yellow guide on and rotate it until it's parallel to the table/fabric. The green guide is used for scissors that have no slope on the outer edge of the blade. Also great for the tip or at the pivot of the scissors.

The Seam Allowance Guide uses a rare earth magnet which is extremely strong.

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